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Casting, machining and coating executed under alliances with specialised companies. (We supply blades, vanes, shrouds, mixing chambers, inner casings, combustion liners, transition pieces etc)

Over the last decade, more and more utilities and other gas turbine users have started to realise that parts, especially hot section components, can be economically manufactured with small batch sizes. Euroturbine can support you in manufacturing of capital parts to become more cost effective in a competitive market.


  • Prototyping and process development for manufacture of gas turbine blades (buckets) and vanes (nozzles)
  • Combustion System Manufacturing for all types of Industrial Gas Turbines ( IGT )
  • Manufacture of steam turbine airfoiled parts (nozzles & blades)
  • Flow Testing and Calibration of all cooled blades and nozzles.
  • Finite Element analysis.
  • Solid Modeling and rapid prototyping.
  • Combustor Upgrades and Tuning
  • Instrumentation and control redesign